Bktel Photonics

BKtel photonics is the leading manufacturer of fiber amplifiers and fiber lasers for LIDAR, telecommunication, cable TV, FTTH, military, medical, aerospace and laboratory applications. With over 20 years of activity, BKtel products include a wide range of platforms in the 1µm, 1.5µm and 2µm bands.

The BKtel photonics team background consists of experience in engineering high end active devices for performing light generation and amplification in optical fibers.

We seek to develop innovative products that focus on fiber optics and are controlled by intelligence (embedded electronics and software). The Company products are divided into three families: Fiber amplifier modules, Fiber laser modules, Turnkey solutions for lasers or amplifiers.

Bktel communications

BKtel communication develops active and passive equipment for FTTH, RF Video Overlay, RFoG and HFC broadband networks and related network management.

The product portfolio includes a wide range of products starting from optical transmitters, optical amplifiers, optical receivers, optical return channel systems, customer premises equipment up to DWDM technology for upstream and downstream applications.

Our own manufacturing facilities guarantee a high quality standard (ISO 9001 certified). Furthermore we offer a complete range of services such as planning, installation and training.

Roots and team background

BKtel photonics’ mission is to supply high end fiber laser equipment to generate light with characteristics suitable for performing 3D mapping as well as equipment for optical amplification in next generation fiber networks.

BKtel photonics team background consists of more than a century of combined experience in conception, industrialization and large-scale production of high quality fiber lasers and amplifiers.

BKtel photonics products are the key component for LIDAR applications such as autonomous driving, 3D scanning & imaging, telemetry & obstacle detection, or for wind speed measurement & atmospheric particles detection.

BKtel photonics promotes amplification solutions for Telecom & Data communications in a cost competitive market where performance, size and low energy consumption are the drivers.

Lannion, brittany

BKtel photonics is located in Lannion, one of the most famous French sites for telecom activity and particularly the photonics industry with the implantation of the Photonics Innovation Hub. Thus integrating a cluster supporting innovation in the field of Photonics and its applications and a research and technology organization (RTO), expert in the development of specialty optical fibers and components.
“The cluster supports innovation, industrial and technological development of its members (companies, research centers and schools) in order to generate economic growth and create jobs in Photonics, in Brittany

The Cluster gathers more than 100 members today.

Photo © Agnès Gautret / Photonics Bretagne